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Play Therapy provides a process using a variety of mediums that reflect our internal (self) and external (life) conflicts. As we move into the expressive play therapy process, we can more clearly see, feel, and accept our life and ultimately begin to heal ourselves in a deeper and more meaningful way. The process frees us up to think, feel, and act in new ways.

Play therapy is a non-threatening way for people to learn about and express difficult emotions.

This type of therapy is used to help release emotions we have no language for or are unable to say aloud. It can be extremely beneficial to children, because they do not have the same capacity as an adult to express and release how they are feeling in words. Play Therapy presents different mediums for your child to let go of negative emotions like anxiety, stress, sadness, and anger in a productive way.

Play Therapy is used as an alternative to traditional talk therapy with children because creative expression is the natural language of a child. Your child is freer and less guarded with creative expression. While creating a child will let their defenses down and release negative emotions without fear of judgment or critique.

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