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Goals of therapy:

  • Freedom from emotional pain

  • Positive self concept

  • Greater self responsibility

  • Self acceptance

  • Cooperation in life with others

  • Enhanced relationships

  • Trust self and others more

  • Enhance communication

  • Healthier life style

  • Solutions to help with: Depression, withdrawal and isolation, anxiety and fears, grief issues, communication difficulties, trauma, impulse control and anger issues, school problems and acting out behaviors.


Harmony Family Counseling believes in helping individuals work through difficult transitions in their lives by discovering who they are, what they need, and what healthy choices they can make to resolve problems.

We believe in helping couples to understand and validate one another by learning how current dynamics are affected by past experience and personal choices. This knowledge can then make their relationship more personally meaningful.

We help families understand how individuals within the family affect the way the family functions. Then improving communication, promoting healthy boundaries, and developing new solutions to old problems.

We help children to understand how they feel and how their actions affect themselves and others. This understanding can then be used to develop new skills for dealing with life.

Somatic Experiencing –

We also specialize in Expressive Play TherapyTrauma and Sandtray Therapy.

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